Working in NL


Working in the Netherlands

EEA nationals have the right to live and work in The Netherlands without a work permit, subject to your having a work contract for the period of your stay. EEA stands for European Economic Area. This area contains all the countries of the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. You are also entitled to stay in The Netherlands for 3 months (per year calculated from date of registration) in order to look for work.


EEA nationals working in The Netherlands and in possession of a valid Dutch Residence permit have the same rights as nationals of that country with regard to pay, working conditions, access to housing, vocational training, social security and trade union membership. Families and immediate dependants are entitled to join them and have similar rights.


Before starting work you must have obtained a BSN from the local authorities. This number identifies you in the tax and social security system and will be required by any prospective employer or temporary employment agency (uitzendbureau).


Firstly, EEA nationals must register with their local Foreign Police registration office (Vreemdelingenpolitie) within 8 days of arrival. If you are intending to look for work (and are without a work contract) and want to take advantage of the free movement of labour within the EEA, then you should simply present your passport at the Foreign Police Registration Office.


With a (non-temporary) work contract, you will need to present your passport, police permit, BSN, 2 photographs, a copy of your birth certificate, and in some cities (for example in Amsterdam) proof from your landlord that you have a permanent address.