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E / A forms

E-forms (A-forms)

If you work abroad you generally become no longer insured for general social facilities in ones own country. This can be properly arranged with the necessary E-forms. E-forms aim to facilitate cross-border contacts with and among the various social security bodies of the EER member-states. This means that you can use this form to transport your accrued rights from and to EER member-states. The forms have been renamed. The table below mentions the old and the new names.


Different types of forms


E-100 series: concerns benefits for sickness, pregnancy and secondment;

E-200 series: for calculating and paying (invalidity) pensions and dependents' benefits;

E-300 series: for all matters relating to unemployment benefits;

E-400 series: for entitlement to child benefit.


These forms are available from the various bodies in the own country.




Form Purpose To be obtained from
A1 - E101 Declaration of Secondment; is issued when a company seconds you to another country for a period of less than 12 months. Social Insurance Bank (SVB), International Secondment Department.
S1 - E106 Certificate of entitlement to healthcare if you do not live in the country where you are insured. Useful for cross-border workers, pensioners or civil servants and their dependants. Via social insurance implementation body (uvi) or Social Insurance Bank (SVB), via compulsory national health insurance
S2 - E111 Authorisation to obtain a planned health treatment in another EU or EFTA country. You should be treated in the same way as residents of that country - you may have to pay a percentage of the costs up front. Via compulsory national health insurance
U1 - E301 Insurance periods of history of employment in member-state Via social insurance implementation body (uvi), via compulsory national health insurance
U2 - E303 Export of employment benefits for a period of no more than 3 months, to be accompanied by E 119

Via social insurance implementation body (uvi), via compulsory national health insurance