The questionnaires and documents below are for the filing of U.S. tax returns. To have Expatax prepare your Dutch tax return, click here.

If you would like us to prepare both your U.S. and Dutch Tax returns, you only need to fill out the Dutch tax return questionnaire; there is a step where you can indicate that you are a US citizen and would like us to prepare your US tax return as well.

U.S. Tax Return

To have Expatax prepare your U.S. tax return only, fill out the questionnaire for the corresponding year below:

Travel Calendars

Travel calendars can be used to inform us about your foreign workdays. This is only relevant in case you were not living in the Netherlands but were working in the Netherlands and another country for the same employer or if you have the US nationality/US green card and the 30% ruling and you were employed in the Netherlands.

Engagement Letters

FBAR Worksheets