Let Expatax prepare your Dutch tax return for you

Dutch tax return


You may have received a blue envelope from the tax authorities asking you to file your annual tax return. Expatax can prepare your tax return for you. Because we prepare several thousand tax returns every year, we are more than familiar with all kinds of situations expats may face. 

We offer efficient and effective service in the calculation and filing of your individual income tax return, provisional income tax returns and any individual tax related issues. We specialise in servicing individuals who have been working on an expatriate basis, which includes Dutch working abroad as well as foreign nationals rendering services in Holland.

Tax returns for 2019 and previous years can be filed, up to 5 years back.

Deadline for filing a Dutch tax return

Deadline for filing a Dutch tax return

The deadline for a standard tax return is May 1st of the following year. For an M or C form (you migrated to or from the Netherlands or lived outside the Netherlands during the tax year) the deadline is July 1st of the following year. If you didn’t receive an invitation to file a tax return from the tax authorities then a deadline is not applicable. 

If necessary we will arrange a time extension for the tax return. We can use a special ruling with the tax authorities which allows us to get a time extension for the income tax return until May 1st of the next year. For the tax return for 2019 this will then be May 1st 2021. 

How can I hire the services of Expatax?

We need your information


We will prepare your tax return based on the information provided by you. The more information you provide (even if you are not sure whether it is relevant) the sooner we can complete your tax return.

Fiscal report with explanation

You will receive a fiscal report in English containing all calculations and explanations through our secure online portal so that you know what will be filed. You will then have the opportunity to approve the tax report or ask further questions. Once you have approved the report, it is automatically to the tax authorities. We will also send you the invoice for the tax return preparation.

Tax assessment

The tax authorities will send the tax assessment directly to you. This may take some time, especially when an M or C form is involved. Interest will be calculated. We can request the tax authorities to send us an electronic copy of the tax assessment.

Invitation to file a Dutch tax return in the Netherlands