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Dutch tax return 2016

Since January 2017 it is possible to file the income tax return for the year 2016. If you receive an invitation from the tax office to file a tax return then this must be done before 1 May 2017. If you were non resident during (part of) the year the deadline is 1 July 2017. Once you have received all the necessary documents the tax return can be filed.


If you receive an invitation after 1 May 2017 the deadline will normally end on the first day of the month after a whole month has passed. The tax authorities can be requested to grant a time extension for filing the tax return. Expatax can arrange an automatic time extension of 1 year.


If you don't receive an invitation it is still possible to file a tax return if you have income which wasn't taxed or taxed for the wrong amount or if you have certain deductions.


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If the tax return is filed before 1 April 2017 the tax authorities should send you a provisional tax assessment showing a refund or an amount to be paid by you before 1 July 2017. Depending on the situation the tax office may also issue a provisional tax assessment for 2017.

Expatax can help you with your 2016 tax return


Of course Expatax can assist you with your tax return. Please check our procedure.


Once the tax return is completed you will receive a tax report from us which will explain in English how the tax return is created and how the tax is calculated. After your approval of the tax report we will file the tax return with the tax authorities.


More information about filing a tax return can be found in our brochure "Filing a tax return in the Netherlands".


Expatax is your tax advisor or tax preparer in the Netherlands. We will help you with filing your tax return.