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The Dutch tax office - tax authorities - Belastingdienst


Last modified: 17 February 2016

1. Contact the tax authorities

2. Submit a change of address

3. Provide your bank account number

4. Letters sent by the tax authorities


1. Contact the tax authorities


When you are a non resident or fictif non resident taxpayer then all your tax matters will be handled by the tax office foreign country (buitenland) in Heerlen. You are fictitious non resident when you have the 30% ruling and chose to be fictitious non-resident.


Post address


Belastingdienst/Particulieren/Ondernemingen Buitenland
Postbus 2865
6401 DJ Heerlen




National telephoneline: 0800-0543

International telephoneline: +31 (0) 55 538 53 85


Bank account number


NL86 INGB 0002 4455 88 / BIC: INGBNL2A / Belastingdienst Apeldoorn


Always mention the full tax assessment number or payment number if you make a payment. You can find these on the tax assessment.


2. Submit a change of address


If you change address within the Netherlands you have to register with the local municipality. The tax authorities are linked to the municipality registrations so they will receive your new address automatically.


If you leave or enter the Netherlands also inform the local municipality.


If you change address outside the Netherlands and you are expecting correspondence from the Dutch tax authorities then you will have to inform them directly. You can do this by filling out the notification of change of address abroad and sending it to the Dutch tax authorities. The address is mentioned on the notification.


3. Provide your bank account number


If you live outside the Netherlands and want to submit or change a foreign account number you must send a letter to the tax authorities containing the following information:

  • your name
  • your address, postcode and town, country
  • your citizen service number/tax and social insurance number (BSN)
  • your signature
  • a copy of a valid identity document (passport or identity card)
    a bank statement or print-out from your internet banking environment or the bank's confirmation of your application for this account number (no more than 2 months old)
  • your new IBAN (account number)
  • BIC code
    If your bank has no IBAN and BIC, you should provide the full foreign bank account number (including bank codes).
  • name, town and country of the bank


Send the letter to:


Belastingdienst/Centrale administratie
Unit Registeren
Postbus 9055
7300 GT Apeldoorn


If you live in the Netherlands, you can provide your bank account number by filling out the opgaaf rekeningnummer particulieren (only available in Dutch, but here is a quick English translation). The account must be in your name or a joint account number with your partner.


4. Letters sent by the tax authorities


Click here for an explanation of letters sent by the tax authorities