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Compensation scheme maternity leave benefits for female self-employed workers (16 March 2018)

Replacement of the Deregulation Labour Relations Assessment Law (Wet DBA) (15 November 2017)

Reminder for the 2016 Dutch income tax return (15 November 2017)

Amnesty ruling for non declared foreign assets abolished (15 November 2017)

Last deadline for the 2016 US tax return (15 November 2017)

Financial advantage through tax credit for partner with the least earnings?

Qualified non-resident taxpayer status

Payroll April 2016 will show lower net salaries due to change of the tax tables (7 April 2016)

Tax Plan 2016 - the proposed tax changes for 2016

Chamber of Commerce changes its services in 2014 (12-12-2013)

Audits by the tax authorities on VAT liabilities (07-05-2013)

Taxation trends in the European Union (21-05-2012)

End of year tips 2011 for individuals (01-12-2011)

Tax rates 2012 published

Changes to the 30% ruling adjusted (18-11-2011)

Answers to questions about the proposed changes to the 30% ruling (01-11-2011)

Fines for late filing of Dutch income tax returns (18-02-2011)

Tax Plan 2011 (21-09-2010)

The tax authorities will pay extra attention to the deducted costs of child maintenance in the 2009 tax return (04-01-2010)

Tax treaty Liechtenstein (10-11-2009)

Tax treaty Andorra (06-11-2009)

Tax Plan 2010 (15-09-2009)

Tax treaty exchange of information with the British Virgin Islands (11-09-2009)

Chaos at the tax authority (15-01-2008)

Tax rates 2008 

Changes in the corporate tax 2008 (18-09-2007)

Tax Plan 2008 (18-09-2007)

The Netherlands and Jersey sign agreement on the exchange of tax information (20-06-2007)

Tax rates 2007 

Lower house accepts the bill "Working on profit" (06-10-2006)

Tax plan 2007 (19-09-2006)

Corporate Income Tax Plan 2007 (18-09-2006) 

Tourists from outside the EU get back more VAT (25-08-2006)

Huge interest in staff recruitment for tax office (11-08-2006)

First day registration for new staff (30-06-2006)

Reminders for 2005 tax returns sent out by mistake (19-06-2006) 

Company fitness (02-06-2006) 

Tax treaty negotations (31-05-2006) 

Tax reduction for entrepreneurs and companies (26-05-2006) 

Tax rates 2006 

Wijn reduces tax dividend to 15% (28-4-2006)

Wijn to bring up anonymous bank accounts in Luxembourg (21-4-2006) 

Warning for scam email 

Agreement with the Isle of Man regarding the exchange of information concerning taxation (12 October 2005) 

Lower rate of corporation tax improves business climate (12 oktober 2005)

Tax measures to offset impact of new healthcare insurance (20 September 2005)

Ten changes in 2006 (20 September 2005) 

Extra cut in tax on business profits (20 September 2005) 

Interview with Joop Wijn in International Tax Review (20 September 2005) 

Tax Plan 2005 (21 September 2004) 

Tax rates 2005

Self employed deduction

New act on child care

Time extension for filing Dutch tax return

EU regulations concerning invoices

Taxation of savings within Europe

Taxation and international pension schemes

Taxoffice: extra attention for 30% ruling

Provisional refund 2004

Miljoenennota 2004

More possibilities for Dutch tax authorities to collect taxes within the EU

Budget 2003

Tax figures 2003

The Dutch top enterprise league

World Trade: the Netherlands ranks number one in trade and expansion

Taxation of EU-fellows in the Netherlands

More ICT professionals available

The Economist: a survey of the Netherlands

USA: Investment yield tax is income tax



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