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Retirement planning

Retirement planning

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. Understanding the types of benefits you are eligible for, and how they all fit together, can be a challenge. From figuring out how much money you will need, to understanding how much to start saving now, to learning what types of investments are best for you, the advisors in our network are able to guide you through all of this.

Why should you worry?

  • Moving from country to country can lead to a loss of pension funds.
  • Based on your current income your pension will not be adequate enough to live the way you would like when you choose to retire.
  • What happens if you die early? Will your partner receive enough income to live from? What about your children?
  • You may have decided to join a Dutch pension scheme which you may not be in for a longer time. Is it flexible enough for you?
  • Also take in mind that you can't build a pension on the 30% tax free reimbursement under a Dutch pension scheme.


As an expat you may need a flexible product which you can take with you to every country in the world: an international retirement fund. Our partner advisors can help you. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Make sure you save enough money now and profit from your higher income as an expat.

There are different ways to save for your retirement:



By saving money on a bankaccount you can build a capital for the future. It is safe and flexible. But that's the problem, most of the times people spend the money in the meanwhile instead of saving it.




You can also insure a future income. You can use a pensionplan or a "lijfrenteverzekering" with tax benefits. You pay a monthly premium for a fund which will grow to a nice amount when you retire.


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