Pricing: Dutch tax return and other tax services

Dutch Taxes

P form: resident in the Netherlands for the whole year€ 275+ 21 % VAT
M form: resident in the Netherlands for part of the year€ 350+ 21 % VAT
C form: non-resident in the Netherlands for the whole year€ 275+ 21 % VAT
O form: tax return in case of self employment / freelancing€ 500 (see our freelance packages) (LINK)+ 21 % VAT
Tax return for a partner50% of above fees+ 21 % VAT

+ 21 % VAT


  1. If your employer has an agreement with Expatax to prepare tax returns for their employees a lower fee will be applicable. Discounts can go up to more than 40% of the fee. These tax returns will also be processed with priority. So check if your employer has an agreement with Expatax. If your employer doesn’t have an agreement but is willing to discuss this option so that you and your colleagues can benefit of a lower fee please contact us on info (at) It doesn’t make a difference whether the fee is paid by the employer or by the employee. So an agreement whereby an employer just refers their employees to Expatax is sufficient to get a discount.
  2. A lower fee is also possible if you request Expatax to file tax returns for three or more years at the same time. Address this when you start the procedure or mention it in our questionnaire in the “comments” section. You can find our procedure here. (LINK)

Additional costs

Additional time, complicated forms or extra work can be billed additionally. This includes filing a letter of objection if the tax authorities make a mistake, providing tax advice, answering specific questions etc. and also answering emails and phonecalls depending on the length and number of emails and calls. We will not charge a single short email, but if we have various email conversations we may charge for our time.

Other tax services

Corporate income tax return€ 450 - € 750+ 21 % VAT
Request provisional refund€ 125+ 21 % VAT
Request tax allowance€ 125+ 21 % VAT
DigiD Application€ 75+ 21 % VAT
Tax advice€ 85 - € 125 per hour+ 21 % VAT
Meeting€ 85 - € 125 per hour+ 21 % VAT

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