US tax return - last deadline

Your last U.S. tax deadline approaches


For U.S. taxpayers tax season is almost over. If by now you have not filed your 2016 U.S. tax return, you may still have the chance to do so on or before the last deadline of the 2017 filing season: December 15th. This holds true for taxpayers who have requested the discretional two-month extension with IRS by mailing in a letter explaining their personal circumstances warranting the additional time to file. This extension may be granted by IRS if their first extension (to October 15th) was also granted.

If you, or your U.S. tax advisor, have not made this special request with IRS then you should file your 2016 U.S. tax return as soon as possible. Generally, when you do not owe money to IRS, a late filing penalty will not be assessed. Only when there is an amount due to IRS additional penalties and interest charges will apply.

The 2018 filing season is just around corner, don’t let your U.S. filing obligations get the best of you. Plan ahead by approaching both your NL/US tax returns as one project. Our specialists at Expatax can assist you with both income tax returns.