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The Netherlands and world trade

World Trade: the Netherlands ranks number one in trade and expansion

In the World Trade Magazine's Annual Look at the Top 30 countries for Trade and Expansion, the Netherlands has again captured the number one spot in this year's survey of best countries for trade and expansion. Its attractiveness can be ascribed to a strong set of fundamentals, including a stable political and social environment along with a high degree of market liberalization. Foreign investment continues to remain strong in the Netherlands, while the country's focus on Internet connectivity place it at the forefront of e-commerce capable locations. Similar to most countries, the Netherlands' GDP growth has suffered a bit this past year, while the traditionally strong export sector has been hurt by weak demand across Europe and in the U.S. Growth should reach 1.7 percent this year, however, and is expected to surpass 2.5 percent in 2003.

Source: World Trade Magazine, 1 June 2002



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