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Blauw Research, a leading research bureau in the Netherlands, announced the results of its 2002 survey on the availability of ICT professionals in the Netherlands: employers are in charge again, therefore, employees' attitudes are much more flexible. The survey, which was conducted both in 2001 and 2002, shows a.o. that ICT professionals are now willing to work in more than one sector. A year ago, ICT professionals would only tick one box when asked which sector they would prefer to work for. Now the average has risen to 1.7 sectors. In 2001 only 15% of ICT professionals indicated they would consider working in the financial services sector, today that percentage is 30. The telecom sector went from eleven to 26%. The ICT job hunter is clearly taking a broader perspective, giving individual companies a chance to be considered as a possible employer earlier on in the process. 

Source: Emerce, 17 May 2002



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