Tax treaties

Information agreement Andorra - NL

The Netherlands will exchange fiscal information with Andorra



The State Secretary of Finance, Jan Kees de Jager, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra, Xavier Espot Miró, signed a treaty on Friday, 6 November, which provides the exchange of fiscal information.

The treaty is in line with Mr De Jager's intensive tackling of persons who have not declared their savings. The convention provides that both countries will exchange information in tax matters on request. Thus tax dodging can be prevented. 
The treaty will come into force after having been adopted by the parliaments of both countries.

State Secretary De Jager has continuously urged for more international transparency and the exchange of information at various international platforms (G20, OECD, EU). Shortly, treaties will be signed with Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Bahamas. Negotiations are being held with Monaco and San Marino.




Tax treaties