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Profit exemption

Tax reduction for entrepreneurs and companies




The Council of Ministers has agreed with the ‘work to profit’ bill from State Secretary Wijn. Self-employed people will get a profit exemption of 10%. This means, for example, that with a profit of 30.000 euro, only 27.000 euro will be taxable.


With the 10% profit exemption, a self-employed person will pay a maximum of 46.8% in tax. The private individual has a top tariff of 52%. Companies in the BV (Ltd) or NV (Plc) form will get a stronger, lower tariff: 20% for up to 25.000 euro profit, 23.5% for up to 60.000 euro profit and 25.5% from then on. For companies that partake in a lot of R&D, the profit on patents will be taxed at 10%.



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