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Warning about email scam

An e-mail message in English about an inheritance to be obtained is circulating on the Internet. This e-mail message appears to have been sent on behalf of the tax authorities in Heerlen. The fact of the matter, however, is that this is an attempted fraud.


The e-mail message is so-called 'scammail': a form of fraud that uses e-mail as a medium. The e-mail states that the recipient has been identified as the heir of a certain Christopher Watkins and stands to receive $ 2,500,000. However, he will only receive this amount if he transfers € 3,750 to a particular account number.


There are also emails about a lottery price which has been won and that a lottery tax of € 3,750 must be paid to claim the price. Also different names from people working at the tax authorities are mentioned.


To make the e-mail seem authentic, the Internet site mentioned in the e-mail refers to the site of the Ministry of General Affairs. The Ministry of General Affairs, however, has nothing to do with the e-mail message. Furthermore, a part of the address of the tax authorities is given at the bottom of the e-mail, which creates the impression that the message was sent by the tax authorities. This is also not the case. The tax authorities are definitely not the sender of the e-mail .



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