Salary 2016

New tax tables

Payroll April 2016 will show lower net salaries due to change of the tax tables


Adjustment of tax percentages

Due to last minute changes by the Dutch Government in December 2015 regarding the (wage) tax percentages and tax rebates for 2016, the tax tables that were already available for 2016 needed to be adjusted. As of April 2016 these new tables are available and will result in a (slightly) higher tax withholding and therefor a lower net salary for you employee.

Effect on net salary

For gross salaries up to € 1,700 per month the difference will be maximum € 0.10 per month. This difference will increase up to € 10.00 per month when the gross salary increases.

In case of a net salary agreement the difference will result in additional salary cost for the employer.
An indication of the expected difference can be found in the following overview:


Lower net salary in 2016