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Chaos tax authorities

Certainly three years chaos at tax authority


15-01-2008: - Theo Besteman

Software builders: Problem sits deep

Taxpayers must take into account errors in their tax assessments caused by computer problems at the overloaded tax authority for certainly three years.

Individuals and companies will be confronted with this many times. The computer system of the Tax and Customs Administration, with this way many changes and new projects, will get bogged down absolutely, says a software developer who makes the electronic declaration for individuals and companies for 2007. Those parcels must still be tested and will partly come too late.


"The coming three up to five years it is with this treatment not possible to get errors out of the system", says a manager.


The Tax and Customs Administration replaces computers and software, but must in the meantime continue working with out-of-date systems.


Six large suppliers of the declaration software for individuals warn for a stacking of problems with the care - and childcare allowance, the new pre completed declarations and the electronic copy of the declarations. The House of Commons promised simplification, but overloads the Tax and Customs Administration with new requirements. “On the work floor they can’t handle it any more” according to another software builder. "After filling in the electronic tax assessment much of them will return wrongly, because the computer programs have not been tested enough and will still contain errors", according to a person concerned. "The taxpayer can soon start all over again".



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