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Organisations of real estate agents

Expats who would like to buy or sell a property can be assisted by a real estate broker. Nowadays real estate brokers are member to organisations like NVM, ERA, Garantiemakelaar, VBO, LMV and many other small organisations.




The Netherlands association of real estate brokers and property experts NVM is the largest Dutch branch organisation in the fields of property brokerage and management. Over 3,500 brokers and property experts hold the NVM-membership. They are active in the specialist fields of Agrarian Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management and Residential Real Estate.

You can find their website on www.nvm.nl. The properties for sale can be found on www.funda.nl.



The Garantiemakelaar (guarantee real estate broker) is also connected to the NVM but is aiming to provide extra quality in 4 areas: quality, frankness, security and clearness.


ERA Makelaar


ERA also has a datanetwork with all the properties they have for sale. ERA offers a couple of services which give the organisation it's own identity.


ERA can be found on www.era.nl.



The Vereniging Bemiddeling Onroerend Goed is an active brancheorganisation, founded in 1985, who serves the interests of professional property advisors and real estate brokers.


VBO can be found on www.vbo.nl.