Buying a house

Buying a house in the Netherlands


Last modified: 03 May 2015


Being an expat doesn't mean you can't buy a property in the Netherlands. Depending on your personal situation you could be able to arrange a Dutch mortgage. At the moment the average interest rate is low. Besides that the interest is still deductible if the property is used as your main residence.


Mortgage advice: You may need a mortgage to buy the property you are interested in. Make sure you find the right advisor.


Valuation report: When you would like to get a mortgage you need a valuation report which states the current (execution) value of the property. Based on the standard rules you can get a mortgage of up to 103% (2015, 104% in 2013 - going down to 100% in 2018) of the value of the property (including 2% transfer tax).


Insurance: Your new property has to be insured. It is an obligation written down in the mortgage contract. You need an insurance because any damage to your house could cost you a lot of money.


Taxation: Buying and owning a house also affects your tax situation. With our experience and knowledge of the Dutch tax system we can advise you on all the tax consequences and arrange all possible tax refunds for you.


Property inspection: Are you sure that the property you are interested in is of good quality? Engineers can examine the desired property for you and give you their opinion of the state of the building and it's structure.