Tax office

Wrong tax form filed

Change tax form - wrong form filed

Here you will find the letter




The letter starts by saying that you have filed a tax return for 2005 (or another year) with a tax program, the tax disk or a tax form.


The tax office can't process the taxreturn you filed. Their information shows that you have been living outside the Netherlands in 2005 for the whole year or part of the year. Therefore another tax return needs to be filed than the one you sent.


M form: needed if you lived in the Netherlands for only part of the year.

C form: needed if you lived outside the Netherlands for the whole year but you still had Dutch income.


Normally expats don't have to file a C form. The letter is accompanied by an M form which must be used. This form must be completed and returned within one month. The letter must also be sent back to the tax office.




Send the form plus single page plus the letter plus the envelop to our office and we will complete the return for you.


If you haven't lived outside the Netherlands in that year then there is something wrong with your registration. Make sure you are properly registered with the local municipality. If this was not done and this is the reason why received this letter then a letter of objection must be written. It can take some time before this issue is solved however.