Child subsidy


The Netherlands has a child subsidy called Kinderbijslag, a payment to a parent of any child younger than 18 years old. There are also provisions for handicapped children over the age of 18.


As with everything else, there are many rules governing the disbursement of this money. It is not necessary to be a Dutch citizen. To qualify however the child must be a legal, permanent resident. This status is given to your child when you register at the local municipal office. You qualify even if you are working for a non-Dutch company or are self-employed and you or your company are paying Netherlands taxes and social benefits.

The municipality will ask for the original birth certificate, proof of residence, passport, proof of school enrollment or training/apprenticeship and medical documentation for a handicapped child if over 18. The amount of Kinderbijslag varies depending on how many children you have. Your entitlement to this money can be determined with a quick visit to your local municipal office. Due to the amount, it is worth your efforts.

See also the brochure about the Kinderbijslag.