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Bad tax payers on watch list National Centre of Tax Collection

Published on: Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 2:18 PM | Viewed: 1814 times.
On 18 November 2013 State Secretary of Finance Weekers opened the National Centre of Tax Collection. With this centre the tax authorities take a new step in the process of collecting tax claims. The centre takes action if the taxpayer ignored the reminder, the warning and the warrant concerning the outstanding tax assessment. 
Currently the tax authorities first try to reach a telephone collection or a payment schedule. In 75% of the calls the tax authorities succeed, with an average amount of € 1,000. Weekers: "A friendly phone call with a willing taxpayer works better than a threatening letter. But threatening letters will be sent if the tax payer is not willing to cooperate. 
People who can but do not want to pay, will be forwarded to the National Centre of Tax Collection where they will be put on a "watch list bad debt ’. If it appears that people on the watch list for example receive a salary (again), buy a boat or house or get an inheritance, the service will immediately seize the money or asset.
Customs also have access to the system. If you have outstanding tax claims it is possible that customs won’t let you pass at the airport unless you pay the entire tax claim first.

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