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Tax credits Articles
Deadline for General Tax Credit request
Viewed 2765 times since Fri, Apr 15, 2016
Question: I‘m Brazilian and I‘m preparing my tax declaration for the first time. I was informed that my partner (who didn‘t work in 2015) is eligible to have a refund of the general tax credit. Could you inform me when is the deadline for this... Read More
General tax credit - Am I eligible for it?
Viewed 1744 times since Wed, Jan 21, 2015
Question:   How can I know if i am eligible to receive a general tax credit and how can I apply? I work and live here since Octobre 2013 as a customer support professional. My gross salary is of 1618 Euros. Answer:   The general tax credit is... Read More
What is the employment tax credit (arbeidskorting)?
Viewed 10485 times since Thu, Dec 29, 2011
Employment tax credit (or employed person's tax credit)   A taxable person is entitled to the employment tax credit if he/she receives one of the following types of income: salary / wage; business profit; result from other activities. ... Read More
What is the general tax credit?
Viewed 20041 times since Thu, Dec 29, 2011
General tax credit Every taxpayer is entitled to the general tax credit, in Dutch: 'algemene heffingskorting'. A tax credit is a deduction on the tax calculated on your entire income based on the box system. So first your income is... Read More