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Mortgage interest Articles
Am I eligible for a tax benefit for my Indian mortgage?
Viewed 3126 times since Mon, Oct 26, 2015
Hi, I migrated to NL from India under the30% ruling. I have a mortgage still running in India which I fund from my salary income in NL. Am I eligible for any tax benefit in NL on the payment of interest and principle amount of my mortgage during 2015... Read More
Which costs are deductible if I buy a house in the Netherlands?
Viewed 45743 times since Fri, Nov 4, 2011
If you own a property in the Netherlands and you use it as your main residence then you may be able to claim some tax deductions. These deductions can be claimed in your tax return. Deductible are costs related to the mortgage. You can also claim a... Read More
Can I deduct the mortgage interest for my main residence if I have the 30% ruling?
Viewed 13679 times since Tue, Jan 10, 2012
If you have the 30% ruling you can deduct the mortgage interest under the standard regulations. So the 30% ruling itself will not affect the possibility to deduct the interest. It is also not relevant whether you have opted for partial non residency... Read More
Tax relief for a mortgage after emigration from the Netherlands
Viewed 20940 times since Wed, Jan 29, 2014
Question: I am considering leaving the Netherlands permanently. I will continue to pay my mortgage personally from overseas and have a friend register with the gemeente as a person who will look after the property. Will I still be able to claim the... Read More
Will I lose the mortgage relief for my house if I buy a second property?
Viewed 3723 times since Mon, Oct 28, 2013
Question: If I buy a second home, will I automatically stop receiving my tax refund from the mortage interest on my first house? Or will I only just not get any interest refund from my second home? Answer: You can get mortgage relief for you... Read More
Is interest from a secondary loan deductable per the mortgage deduction?
Viewed 5949 times since Thu, Apr 11, 2013
Question: I am about to purchase a property in the Netherlands and as an expat am expected to provide a deposit of 10% of the purchase value. I am doing so by way of a personal loan from my bank in my home country and am hoping that the interest on ... Read More
Can I claim the mortgage interest deduction if 2 people are registered at my address?
Viewed 6861 times since Thu, Apr 11, 2013
Question: Can I claim mortgage interest if 2 people are registered at my address? Answer: Mortgage interest is deductible if the mortgage is used for the main residence. The moment the property is no longer your main residence or used by oth... Read More