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Alimony Articles
Are child maintenance payments deductible?
Viewed 4770 times since Thu, Dec 8, 2011
Up to and including the tax year 2014 it is possible to claim a deduction for child maintenance payments. From the 2015 tax year it is unfortunately no longer possible to claim this deduction.  The main conditions are: the child must be under... Read More
Can I deduct the alimony payments to my ex-partner in my tax return?
Viewed 11626 times since Tue, Dec 6, 2011
  Alimony payments in your Dutch tax return   If you are divorced or living separate long-term, you may have to pay alimony.  Alimony is a contribution to the costs of living of your ex-partner. The alimony can be established by a judge, but can... Read More
Are lawyer costs which I made with respect to the alimony I need to pay to my ex-partner tax deductible?
Viewed 3991 times since Sat, Nov 5, 2011
The costs you have made to keep the alimony which you have to pay to your ex-partner as low as possible are not deductible. These are your own costs. Your ex-partner however can deduct the costs he/she had to make to keep the alimony as high as... Read More