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Is a donation from abroad taxed?
Viewed 2508 times since Thu, Sep 5, 2013
Question:I currently work and live in the Netherlands. My parents intend to send me 500eu per month as a donation. Will I have to pay taxes for that?Answer:You don‘t have to pay tax on the donation you receive from your parents who live outside... Read More
Financial amounts from the Netherlands for the years 2009-2012: tax rates, compensations, exemptions etc.
Viewed 6728 times since Thu, Dec 29, 2011
In this brochure you will find more information about the rates, tariffs, figures etc. which are applicable in the Netherlands for the years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.   Link to brochure   ... Read More
I am sending money back to my family. Will this incur tax?
Viewed 14194 times since Thu, Feb 2, 2012
Question   I have been staying here for 4 years, where I am under dutch tax ruling for my work. My parents gave me a few thousand dollars when I first started studying here. Now they want me to send the money back. I was wondering... Read More
Tax on a gift to a Dutch resident from UK based parents
Viewed 6953 times since Thu, Nov 8, 2012
Question:   Hi - I live in the Netherlands since 2006 and my parents have suggested that they may give me a gift of money which they would pay into my Dutch account. would I be taxed by the Dutch authorities on this?   Answer: &n... Read More