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Digid Articles
BSN & DigiD - Do they remain valid after I leave the Netherlands?
Viewed 8810 times since Wed, Apr 8, 2015
Question: I have left the Netherlands (permanently) in 2014. However, I see that my BSN and DigiD are still available (I can login for instance to certain sites using DigiD). Is that a problem? Answer: Your BSN and DigiD are personal. They ... Read More
How can I get a DigiD?
Viewed 5300 times since Fri, Nov 25, 2011
DigiD is only available to people who are registered in a Dutch municipality (Dutch: gemeente) and have a  burgerservicenummer (BSN or "Citizens Service Number in English). Unfortunately DigiD is only available in Dutch at the moment. ... Read More
I get an error message when I want to send my Dutch tax return with my DIGID
Viewed 25033 times since Wed, May 2, 2012
Question:   Dear Arjan, I am trying to fill my income tax return with the online program. Whenever I try to send it through with my DIGI ID, I am getting the message that there is a "Technische fout" and you have been logged out automatical... Read More
I do not live in the Netherlands. Can I still get a DigiD?
Viewed 2624 times since Fri, Nov 25, 2011
At the moment it is not possible to request a DigiD if you are living outside the Netherlands. Reason is that as part of the security measures the activation code is sent to the address which is available in the official registration of the... Read More
Is having a DigiD officially required?
Viewed 2407 times since Fri, Nov 25, 2011
There is no legal obligation to request a DigiD. However, more and more government organisations start using DigiD for access to their online services. Without a DigiD you will not be able to use these electronic services. If you don't wish to... Read More
How long is my DigiD valid?
Viewed 2871 times since Fri, Nov 25, 2011
After you have activated your DigiD, it remains valid for a period of one and a half year after the moment you have used the DigiD for the last time.   Every time you use your DigiD again a new period of one and a half year starts.   So a... Read More
How can I use the DigiD?
Viewed 2984 times since Fri, Nov 25, 2011
Imagine submitting an electronic application for a permit through your local authority's website. A DigiD login screen will appear, asking for your username and password. If the data is correct, you will be able to proceed in the process. ... Read More
What is a DigiD?
Viewed 2970 times since Fri, Nov 25, 2011
DigiD stands for Digital Identity. With a DigiD users can access a great number of online services offered by Dutch government agencies.   These include for example:   - municipalities - tax authorities - social security organisations - em... Read More