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Do I get any benefit if I became unemployed voluntary?
Viewed 2105 times since Mon, Oct 20, 2014
Question:I live and work in the Netherlands. 3 months ago I decided to leave my employer and I took voluntary redundancy and have been unable to find employment. Am I entitled to benefit in the Netherlands? Thanks.Answer:If you took redundancy... Read More
Double tax agreement implications - working in the Netherlands and in the UK at the same time
Viewed 31080 times since Thu, Feb 16, 2012
Question:I‘m a UK national. I work for a Dutch company full-time (40hrs per week) - 4 days here in NL, and 1 day from back in the UK (from my home there). I travel over to NL on a Monday morning and back to the UK on a Thursday evening -... Read More
Working in the Netherlands temporary with an A1 statement which excludes Dutch social security contributions.
Viewed 27768 times since Wed, Jan 9, 2013
Temporary employment in the Netherlands If you are an employer based outside the Netherlands and intend to have an employee working for you temporarily in the Netherlands your employee will normally remain covered by your own country’s... Read More
Do I have to pay Dutch National Insurance on my earnings?
Viewed 61555 times since Wed, Mar 13, 2013
Question: I currently work for a UK company and pay no tax in the UK but I do pay UK national insurance. I am registered as resident in Holland and have a bsn number, I received a letter saying I was uninsured so took out a policy with CZ to resol... Read More
How does the Dutch social security system work?
Viewed 5406 times since Tue, Nov 29, 2011
All residents are insured under national insurance schemes (volksverzekeringen) covering old age, death, long-term invalidity, certain medical expenses and child benefit. In addition employees are insured against illness, disablement and unemployment... Read More
Will the withheld premiums social security be reimbursed to me when I leave the Netherlands?
Viewed 17994 times since Thu, Feb 16, 2012
Question:   I want to know the details of the tax Premium Industrial life assurance ( LB/PR VOLKSVZ). Actually 30% of salary is deducted from my salary as Premium Industrial life assurance. We got the VISA for 6 months (from 1st Jan 2012 to... Read More
How do I become eligible for social security benefits?
Viewed 3057 times since Tue, Nov 29, 2011
In order to be eligible for social security you must first have registered with the municipality. You must then apply to your local tax authorities for a social security/tax number (Burger Service Nummer). You will find the address in your local... Read More
Can I receive some kind of child benefit?
Viewed 2859 times since Sun, Nov 27, 2011
The Netherlands has a child subsidy called Kinderbijslag, a payment to a parent of any child younger than 18 years old. There are also provisions for handicapped children over the age of 18. ... Read More
I am an EU national and work in different EU member states. Which rules apply with regards to social security?
Viewed 4597 times since Thu, Nov 24, 2011
  When moving within the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you will always be subject to the legislation of only one country. The social security institutions will assess under which country's legislation you are covered ... Read More
What form do I need to prove I am insured in another country than the one where I am working?
Viewed 3596 times since Thu, Nov 24, 2011
  You will need a so called A1 form.   The A1 form is a statement on the applicable legislation. It is useful in cases where you might be required to prove that you pay social contributions in another EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, No... Read More