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Stamrecht BV Articles
Stamrecht BV - living outside the Netherlands - do I pay premiums social security?
Viewed 5369 times since Mon, Mar 18, 2013
Question:   I own a stamrecht BV and I have moved abroad. Could I avoid paying social security in the Netherlands when I receive regular payments from the BV? For example, if I receive € 18,000 annually, could I pay the 5.85% income tax rate and... Read More
Under which conditions can I move my stamrecht BV to another EU country?
Viewed 3364 times since Wed, Dec 23, 2015
Since January 1, 2010 it is possible to relocate a Dutch Stamrecht BV to another EU country. Before that date the Stamrecht BV had to remain in the Netherlands. If the BV was actually moved out of the Netherlands tax had to be paid at once on the... Read More
I will receive a redundancy payment. How much time do I have to decide how I want the payment to be made to me?
Viewed 8253 times since Tue, Jan 31, 2012
Question:My employer has offered me a redundancy package and now wants me to decide how I would like to receive the payment. There are several options I can choose but I need time for that. How much time do I have and as a consequence how long will... Read More
Which options do I have if I am offered a redundancy package or golden handshake by my employer?
Viewed 4382 times since Tue, Jan 31, 2012
When you get a redundancy package you don't have much options anymore. Before 1 January 2014 you had the following options:   Payment of a lump sum to your bank account Income insurance from an insurance company or a savings scheme from a... Read More
Costs and timeframe of setting up a Stamrecht BV
Viewed 4009 times since Mon, Mar 18, 2013
Question: Can you advise the costs and length of time to set up a stamrecht? Answer: We have a special fee for the formation of a Stamrecht BV.  Formation fee € 950 plus VAT This fee includes: deed of incorporation/articles... Read More
Can I receive a golden handshake on my personal account and then transfer it to a Stamrecht BV?
Viewed 10026 times since Fri, Sep 13, 2013
Question: I will receive a golden handshake of around € 25,000. I am a non Dutch speaking international sales person, and finding it almost impossible to find another role. My partner company has confirmed that we will be in the Netherla... Read More
Are the costs of setting up a stamrecht BV deductible?
Viewed 1854 times since Sun, Feb 10, 2013
Question: Are the costs of setting up a stamrecht BV deductible? Answer: Yes, the costs of setting up a stamrecht BV are deductible. Expatax can take care of the formation of a stamrecht BV for you. Our fee includes the costs of the notary ... Read More
Do I have to report my stamrecht BV in my Dutch income tax return?
Viewed 3200 times since Thu, Feb 7, 2013
Question: Do I have to report my stamrecht BV in my Dutch income tax return? Answer: Since you will own more than 5% of the shares in the stamrecht BV the ownership is treated as a substantial interest which must be declared in Box 2. The na... Read More