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Freelancing Articles
Can a knowledge migrant or foreign student start a business and become self employed in the Netherlands?
Viewed 2717 times since Wed, Apr 5, 2017
Question:I am working in the Netherlands under the Knowledge Migrant Scheme. I would also like to set up my own business besides my paid job, Is this possible? Can I become a freelancer?Answer:As of 1 April 2017, highly skilled migrants, EU Blue Card... Read More
Are there specific tax credits or tax allowances for entrepreneurs?
Viewed 59784 times since Thu, Jun 6, 2013
Question: Are there specific tax credits or tax allowances for entrepreneurs? Answer: If you are self employed and spend more then 1,225 hours per year on your business then you are able to claim the self employed deduction. If you started... Read More
What happens with my freelance business when I leave the Netherlands? Can I keep my sole proprietorship in the Netherlands?
Viewed 1225 times since Wed, Jan 4, 2017
Question:I am a freelancer in the Netherlands and have registered a sole proprietorship company here. I am likely moving to Denmark this year and would like to keep working with my clients. What happens in these cases - can I keep my company... Read More
Selling online - where is my business based?
Viewed 1410 times since Wed, Dec 9, 2015
Question:I am British and I was selling on Amazon when I lived in the UK. I have just started living in Netherlands but I want to keep selling on Amazon UK using there Primetime service (I send the articles to them in the UK and they post them out).... Read More
What happens if I start working freelance but keep my current job with 30% ruling?
Viewed 4237 times since Thu, Feb 20, 2014
Question:I would like to make a consultation regarding my tax situation. At the moment I am an immigrant (Italian) resident of the Netherlands, with a permanent work contract and the 30% ruling benefit.I have some upcoming projects as a consultant... Read More