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Administration Articles
What are the basic administration requirements?
Viewed 2603 times since Sat, Nov 5, 2011
You are obliged by law to record anything with financial implications for your business in a systematic administration. It is also important for yourself to keep a proper financial administration. It gives you a wealth of business information and... Read More
When can I claim the starters deduction as starting business owner?
Viewed 6127 times since Thu, Dec 5, 2013
  You can use the starters deduction (which is an increase of the self-employed deduction) if you meet the following conditions: You could claim the self-employed deduction in the current tax year. You were not an entrepreneur for income tax... Read More
Are there specific tax credits or tax allowances for entrepreneurs?
Viewed 59844 times since Thu, Jun 6, 2013
Question: Are there specific tax credits or tax allowances for entrepreneurs? Answer: If you are self employed and spend more then 1,225 hours per year on your business then you are able to claim the self employed deduction. If you started... Read More
Do you have an invoice template available?
Viewed 7252 times since Tue, Jun 11, 2013
Question:   Does Expatax have an invoice template for me? I would like to see which information is required on the invoice and how it should look like.   Answer:   We have an invoice template available in Word and in Excel.  You can find... Read More
What are the accounting costs for a BV - limited company?
Viewed 6088 times since Thu, Feb 7, 2013
Question:Hello, I am considering starting a BV for my koffie house business. Can you tell what the additional fee would be to do quarterly taxes and end of year tax? I forcast approximately 120 000 euro per year in coffee and pastry sales.Answer:You... Read More
How long do I have to keep my financial administration?
Viewed 5337 times since Sun, Dec 11, 2011
Period of retention of documents   Private individuals   For private individuals the law does not officially state how long the administration should be kept. So it is not determined how long for example pay slips and bank statements must be kept.... Read More
Does our Dutch limited company require an annual audit by an accountant?
Viewed 4761 times since Mon, Jan 14, 2013
Question:   Does our Dutch limited company require an annual audit by an accountant?   Answer:   A company in the Netherlands is legally required to carry out an audit of the financial statements by an auditor if at least... Read More
Can an entrepreneur get a time extension for payment of a tax claim?
Viewed 7076 times since Fri, Feb 22, 2013
Time extension for payment of tax claims by entrepreneursThe tax authorities do not easily grant a time extension for payment of an income tax claim for entrepreneurs. Time extension for payment for an entrepreneur actually means that the tax... Read More
I am self employed and work from home. Can I deduct the costs of the room I use for my business?
Viewed 8726 times since Thu, Feb 14, 2013
You may deduct the expenses for a working space at home if all of the following conditions have been met: The working space is an independent part of the house and is used to earn your income. Independent means that the space can be clearly... Read More
Certain business costs can’t be deducted at once but have to be depreciated over time. Accounting records are important.
Viewed 9586 times since Tue, Dec 20, 2011
DepreciationDepreciation is the process of allocating the depreciable cost of a long-lived asset, except for land which is never depreciated, to expense over the asset's estimated service life. Depreciable cost includes all costs necessary to... Read More
Which expenses can I deduct from my profit when I have a business in the Netherlands?
Viewed 28133 times since Mon, Aug 19, 2013
As a business owner you will have a lot of expenses. Most of the expenses will be 100% deductible, others only partially and some not at all. Below you will find a list of expenses, you can see whether certain expenses are deductible or not. The list... Read More
Are the costs I made before I actually registered my business deductible?
Viewed 3452 times since Mon, Dec 19, 2011
  Expenses in the research phase of your business It may be that you are thinking about starting your own business. You are doing some market research and you are already buying some equipment.   Save all the receipts and invoices you receive... Read More
Which information should be mentioned on an invoice to my client?
Viewed 17463 times since Fri, Nov 4, 2011
The following statements are required for VAT purposes on invoices: date of issue; a specific number; where necessary, the VAT identification number of your company and your client (basically in international situations); full name and addres... Read More
Do I have to register my business for VAT with the Dutch tax authorities if I provide a service to non-EU clients?
Viewed 5843 times since Tue, Nov 13, 2012
Question:   I am working fulltime in the Netherlands and simultaniously running my business providing a service to outside the EU. Should I register my business for VAT?   Answer:   You are living in the Netherlands. Consequence ... Read More