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Childcare allowance Articles
When am I entitled to childcare allowance?
Viewed 8411 times since Sat, Dec 3, 2011
To qualify for the childcare allowance you must satisfy the following constraints:   Personal situation You have the Dutch nationality, or you have a valid residence permit, or you live in (or come from) a EU member state, Norway, Iceland,... Read More
Is child maintenance deduction compatible with childcare allowance
Viewed 12344 times since Thu, Feb 7, 2013
Question: hello, I currently benefit from the 30% ruling and receive childcare allowance as well for my 2 children that go to childcare and after school. Article 125 says that a condition to be allowed to deduct child maintenance is that no one i... Read More
Childcare allowance in 2012. What are the changes?
Viewed 4118 times since Thu, Dec 22, 2011
In 2012 the rules concerning the childcare allowance have changed. The new rules have consequences for you as a parent. What the government wants to change and what this means for you is described below. The information comes from an information... Read More
How much childcare allowance can I get?
Viewed 5033 times since Sat, Dec 3, 2011
The amount of the childcare allowance depends among others on: your income how many of your children are going to childcare Expatax can assist you with the request or provide an estimate of the expectred allowance.     Read More
Which changes in my situation should I report?
Viewed 1893 times since Sat, Dec 3, 2011
You must report the following changes: You start living together, you get married or start living with somebody else. You are going to divorce. Your income or the income of your partner changes. You have a new bank account O... Read More