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Coming back to the Netherlands Articles
30% tax rule - leaving and coming back
Viewed 5962 times since Sun, Feb 24, 2013
Question:   Hi, I was granted the 30% ruling in 2009 and worked under it for 8 months then left the Netherlands. I came back in 2011 and again had the 30% but left again. I have now been offered a permanent contract in the Netherlands but will not... Read More
If I leave the Netherlands and come back in the future, can I apply for the 30% ruling again?
Viewed 5701 times since Thu, Aug 30, 2012
Question:   I am working in the Netherlands since 5 years (from 2007) and I have about 5 months experience before entering the country plus 6 months of thesis in the Netherlands itself.I applied for the 30% tax ruling in 2007 but my request was... Read More
30% ruling - Coming back to The Netherlands - Dutch nationality
Viewed 2753 times since Tue, Aug 11, 2015
I am a Dutch citizen and will be returning to The Netherlands after 14 years of continuous expat life to start a new job. I was recruited for the job outside of The Netherlands. Before I left the The Netherlands I was a student. Do I qualify for... Read More
30% ruling for a returning expat - how is the 25 year period calculated?
Viewed 3039 times since Thu, Dec 19, 2013
Question:I am a Dutch national, and I will be returning to the Netherlands after 19 years of continuous expat life. Before leaving, I was a student. Assuming I meet the criteria, will the duration of the ruling be reduced by 25-19=6 years, ie from 8... Read More
Left Holland twice and come back - can I get the 30% ruling?
Viewed 4703 times since Thu, May 30, 2013
Question:I have worked in Holland in two different periods. From 1997 till 2001 and from 2008 till 2010 when I left. I was always granted the 30% ruling. I live and work elsewhere now. If I would find a new job in Holland and go back there, would... Read More
30% eligibility given previous work in The Netherlands
Viewed 2237 times since Mon, Oct 20, 2014
Question:I‘m just starting a new position in The Netherlands after four years living in the US (am a US citizen). I had the 30% ruling in 2010 when I worked in Holland. Am I eligible to apply for it again if I meet all the criteria, but four... Read More
Coming back to the Netherlands with a partner, can I apply for the 30% ruling again if I find a job?
Viewed 2834 times since Wed, Apr 17, 2013
Question:I was employed in the Netherlands in 2007 and was granted the 30% ruling. In 2009, I was made redundant and I left to go back to my country of origin. In 2012, I came back as a partner of a highly skilled migrant and this year, 2013, I found... Read More
30% ruling eligibility - returning to the Netherlands
Viewed 2847 times since Tue, Aug 19, 2014
Question:I studied in the Netherlands for one year during which period I was granted residence status. I left immediately after graduation but I will be coming back to the Netherlands to take up employment. I would like to know if I qualify for the... Read More
I have been in the Netherlands before. Does this affect the maximum period I can get the 30% ruling?
Viewed 3765 times since Fri, Nov 4, 2011
The 30% ruling can be granted for a maximum period of 8 years (used to be 10 years until January 1, 2012). The time that the employee has stayed or worked in the Netherlands is subtracted from this maximum period of 8 years.Only if the period of... Read More
Can I stop the 30% ruling and come back later?
Viewed 4119 times since Thu, Mar 14, 2013
Question:   I am freelancer under a payroll company. I am not registered in the Netherlands but I got the 30% rulling. My contract will finish end of March. I know I have to find a job within 3 months to keep the 30% ruling. I would like to know if... Read More
Can the 30% ruling be renewed?
Viewed 3705 times since Thu, Nov 24, 2011
Question: In January 2010 I was recognized the 30% ruling for ten years. Unfortunately my employment contract was terminated on July 31, 2011. I worked as typist till August 16, 2011. On October 29, 2011 I moved to France where I started to work as... Read More
30% ruling for returning Dutch national
Viewed 5199 times since Mon, Dec 5, 2011
Question: Can I apply for the 30% ruling as a Dutch citizen who lived in Hong Kong for 11 years when I remain working for the same company (they want to have my experience in the headquarters)? Another point of concern is that I might need to live... Read More