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Writing yourself off the Dutch system


My boyfriend has left Holland last year for good, but he didnt write himself off the system at the time. Now he finds himself with a bill for tax for work he never did, and debts with the insurance system for time that he didn‘t even spend in Holland.

My questions are:
  • How do you write yourself off the system in Holland, as in, how do you declare yourself living abroad permanently?
  • Also, how do you then deal with argueing the bill for health insurance while being abroad?
  • Also, is there a charity, or any office that can give you free or cheap help on how to deal with tax bills that aren‘t correct, and contesting these bills to the tax system?
Thanks a lot for your help.


Deregistration indeed has to take place in person at the town hall.

He may try to end the registration by sending a letter to the municipality outlining the situation and by declaring when he actually left. Problem is though that the deregistration will not be done in the past. It may be good to include a copy passport in the letter so that they can see that it is his letter and also proof of registration in his current country.

Objection can be filed against the claims from the Dutch tax authorities. He will then have to proof that he registered outside the Netherlands and ended his links with the Netherlands. The objection can be made in English and needs to be sent to the address on the tax claims. The health insurance company also bases their claim on the registration in the Netherlands. Expatax can help but we charge per hour.  I am not aware of an organisation which will help for free.

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