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Will my employer take care of my personal income tax return or will I have to do it?

Your employer will not take care of your personal income tax return.
An employer has to take care of the payroll administration and make sure that the right amount of wage tax and premiums social security are withheld and paid to the tax authorities according to the wage tax law. An employer is not liable to file an income tax return for an employee. This is explicitly separated. Your employer is not aware of your personal situation. This is private. In the payroll administration only the work related deductions are made. So any personal deductions will need to be claimed in the income tax return.
You will have to file the tax return yourself, or with the help of Expatax. Your employer will provide a year end statement showing the taxable salary and the withheld wage tax / premiums social security. This year end statement will be included in the income tax return.
Your employer can of course hire Expatax to assist all (international) employees with their tax return. Your employer can contact us to make an arrangement with mutual benefits.

Benefits of hiring Expatax:

    • Specialized in assisting expats
    • Experience with international taxation, payroll, social security
    • For over 10 years already
    • Filing more than 2,000 tax returns per year
    • Reasonable fees
    • Working for big international clients
    • Expert on Expatica, working with IamExpat, DutchNews, World Bank, Expatcenters etc.
    • Free information in our Knowledge Base, blog, newsletter, social media and of course on
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