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Will I receive my tax refund before July 1 if I file my M form before April 1?

Is it true that the tax authorities every year promise that if your tax return has been filed before April 1, you will get your refund before July 1? I need to file an M form since I arrived in the Netherlands during 2011.

It is indeed true that the tax authorities "promise” to pay the expected refund before July 1 if the tax return is filed before April 1. Problem however is that for M forms, the form which needs to be filed in the year of migration, the deadline is not April 1, but July 1. They have, as a kind gesture, extended the deadline since expats may have problems filing before April 1 if they depend on information which must be obtained from foreign organizations. Negative consequence of this nice gesture though is that also their promise to pay before April 1 is "extended”. So if we file before April 1 it is not sure that the refund is paid before July 1. It may also be October 1. It is possible to send a request for a provisional refund before July 1, if the tax return is filed before April 1, but it happens that this request is ignored.

So there are several options (if the M form is filed before April 1):

  • the tax authorities automatically pay out the refund before July 1;
  • the tax authorities will not pay out the refund before July 1, unless they receive a request to do so which they actually process;
  • the tax authorities pay out the refund before October 1;
  • the tax authorities just ignore everything and pay out the refund even after October 1.

Internal guidelines state that the tax authorities aim to pay out a refund within 6 weeks of the date of filing, but with M forms these guidelines are not applicable.

Expatax can of course assist with filing the tax return.

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