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What is the minimum wage in the Netherlands in 2017?

What is the minimum wage in the Netherlands in 2017 (per 1 July)?
The minimum wage depends on the age of the employee.
The amounts in the table are gross amounts and based on a full work week. In case of a part time contract the below amounts need to be reduced pro rata. How much the net salary is depends on the tax and premiums social security which are withheld/have to be paid. A full work week is not always 40 hours. Depending on the applicable Collective Labor Agreement it might be 36, 37,  37 ½ ,  38 , 39 or 40 hours. 
The amounts per week or per day are correct, but the amount per hour will vary based on the number of working hours per day.
The table shows the absolute minimum wage. If a central labor agreement (CAO) is applicable the required salary may be higher. Also be aware that a higher salary is required if the employee needs a permit as knowledge migrant or if the 30% ruling must be requested (see ). 
Age Per month Per week Per day
22 and older € 1,565.40 € 361.25 € 72.25
21 € 1,330.60 € 307.05 € 61.41
20 € 1,095.80 € 252.90 € 50.58
19 € 860.95 € 198.70 € 39.74
18 € 743.55 € 171.60 € 34.32
17 € 618.35 € 142.70 € 28.54
16 € 540.05 € 124.65 € 24.93
15 € 469.60 € 108.40 € 21.68
Before 1 July 2017 the highest age level was from 23 and older. From 1 July 2017 this is changed to 22 and older. In 2017 and coming years also the minimum wage for 18 - 22 years increases faster. This way younger people earn a higher minimum wage faster. 
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