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What is the average gross dutch income in 2013?


Can you please advise what the average dutch gross income in 2013 is? 

Am I correct in thinking that compulsory deductions mean that net income levels are 37.8% less?


Income includes all income from different sources. We have two options:

1. Modal income
2. Average income

The modal income is the income which is most common. In 2013 this is € 33,000. Average income is the total income in the Netherlands divided by all people who work (in this example). This results in an average income of around € 35,000 in 2013. If non working people are included the average income drops to around € 22,500 in 2013. 

For the tax rates see The withholdings on an income of € 33,000 - € 35,000 are roughly 39% which leaves a net income of 60%. The net amount will however go up again due to the applicable tax credits (which can go up to roughly € 3,500 or more depending on the income).

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Comment by Bill Castro on Sat, Aug 16th, 2014 at 10:24 AM
Great site, thanks. We are trying to move to Holland and have lots of questions.
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