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What is important when I am looking for a business premises?

You should ask yourself the following questions when looking for business space:

  • Will I be starting up in my own home?
  • If you are going to work from home, you should consider the zoning plan: Most homes are within 'residential zones'. These are set out in the zoning plan which prohibits the establishment of a business in such a zone. Nevertheless, a home business may sometimes be permitted. For example:
    • if the business is purely office-based
    • if no clients visit the house
    • if the business can cause no disturbance
    • if it is only a small part of the house will be used for business activities. 

    Also keep in mind that the costs related to a home office are not deductible if it doesn't have a separate entrance and it's own facilities like water and a toilet.

  • Will I buy existing premises or have new premises built?
  • Will I rent business premises? What obligations does rental involve? For which period will I rent?
  • Which location is most suitable for my business?
  • Which locations are available? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • What costs are involved?
  • Do I need some kind of permit or licence if I want to perform certain activities at a certain location? This can be found out by contacting the local tax authorities.
  • Will it be easy for my clients to come to my premises?
  • Is workforce available in the area when I need to hire employees?
  • Is the are safe? What about the crime rates?
  • Has the building charisma?
  • Are telephone and internet connections available?
  • Will the surrounding area change in the near future?
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