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What is important for the VAT declaration? Date of service provided, date of invoice or date of payment?


Which values should be included in the quarterly VAT return declaration? Those from the services provided within that period, those from the receipts issued within that period, or those which were actually received within that period? For instance, should the value from a service provided in December 2014, but which receipt was issued in January 2015, with payment due to the end of January 2015 be included in the VAT return declaration from the last quarter of 2014 or in the first quarter of January? Thank you in advance.


For VAT the invoice date (or receipt) is important. To prevent that this date is delayed, the VAT law states that an invoice must be issued the latest on the 15th of the month following the month in which the service was provided or the product sold. 

In your situation the invoice for the service provided to you in December 2014 was issued in January 2015. The invoice will have to be declared in the VAT return for the 1st quarter of 2015. 

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