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What happens with my freelance business when I leave the Netherlands? Can I keep my sole proprietorship in the Netherlands?


I am a freelancer in the Netherlands and have registered a sole proprietorship company here. I am likely moving to Denmark this year and would like to keep working with my clients. What happens in these cases - can I keep my company registered in the Netherlands while living elsewhere?


A sole proprietorship is really linked to you personally. The sole proprietorship is based in the country where you live unless the sole proprietorship is managed from a physical location in another country. This means that your business moves with you and that you will have to register it in Denmark (and deregister in the Netherlands with the Chamber of Commerce) unless you will have a real office in the Netherlands where there will be real activities and real people.

You can still work for your clients in the Netherlands once you have registered your sole proprietorship in Denmark. Difference of course will be that you will then invoice your clients using your Danish VAT number which may imply that your invoice won‘t have to contain VAT based on EU VAT regulations. 


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