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What are the public holidays in the Netherlands in 2013?

What are the public holidays in the Netherlands in 2013?

- New Year's Day (nieuw jaar): Tuesday January 1

- Good Friday (goede vrijdag): Friday March 29 (not mandatory for the employer to give a day off)

- Easter Sunday (paaszondag - eerste paasdag): Sunday March 31

- Easter Monday (paasmaandag - tweede paasdag): Monday April 1
- Queen's day (koninginnedag): Tuesday April 30
- Liberation day (bevrijdingsdag): Sunday May 5 (not mandatory for the employer to give a day off, depends on central agreement)

- Ascension Day (hemelvaart): Thursday May 9

- First Pentecost Day (eerste pinksterdag): Sunday May 19
- Second Pentecost Day (tweede pinksterdag): Monday May 20

- First Christmas Day (eerste kerstdag): Wednesday December 25

- Second Christmas Day (tweede kerstdag): Thursday December 26
If the public holiday is a mandatory day off the employer will have to continue to pay the salary for this day.
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Comment by jos on Sat, May 4th, 2013 at 10:27 PM
Good friday is in holland a normal working day. only banks are closed.liberation day is a public holiday every five years (2015, 2020, etc.), in the years in between it
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