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What are the consequences for the unemployment benefit and company pension if I have the 30% ruling?

I am a Spanish girl who is going to start working in a company in Assen, basically I would like to be here for around 2 years although my contract right now is only for one year.
I have seen on your web-page that I could ask for the 30% ruling and my net salary would be higher. If I chose this option, would I have unemployment benefit in the Netherlands if I need it? And what about the right of pension in Spain? Would I be quoting?

You say: "Consequence is that all the rights based on the gross salary will be reduced too like pension and social security” but I don’t understand if I would receive less money for unemployment benefit or nothing and if I lost my right of pension.

What do you think is better?


If you have the 30% ruling you will still be entitled to unemployment benefit based on the same rules as if you would not have the 30% ruling. Only consequence is that the benefit will be based on the taxable salary which is 30% less if you have the 30% ruling. Roughly said, the maximum benefit is paid if the taxable salary is around € 51,000 (or more) per year. If the taxable salary is lower also the unemployment benefit will be lower.

The same is applicable to the company pension. This pension is based on the taxable salary too. You build up a certain percentage per year based on the company pension policy. The lower the salary the lower the premium is and the slower the pension will grow.

In general it is better to opt for the 30% ruling, but do look at the consequences for the benefits which are linked to the taxable salary. 

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