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What are the conditions of the housing allowance?

If you live in a rented accommodation and your income is below a certain level, you may qualify for a housing allowance. The amount of the housing allowance is determined on the basis of your income during the current year.

If you live with someone, the income that your ‘allowance partner’ receives is included in the calculation of your household income and household wealth. An allowance partner can include: your spouse, the person with whom you have a cohabitation agreement, the person with whom you have a child, a sibling or a friend who lives with you.

What are the conditions?

  • You are 18 years of age or older (although exemptions are possible).
  • All members of your household are registered at your address with the municipality.
  • You rent an independent accommodation with its own entrance, bathroom and kitchen.
  • The rental price must be within a certain range. The maximum and minimum levels depend on your household situation and age, and are adjusted annually. For 2013 the minimum rent is € 222.18 and the maximum rent € 681.02 (€ 374.44 if you are younger than 23 and don't have a child).
  • Your household income and wealth must be below a certain level. The maximum levels depend on your household situation and age, and are adjusted annually. For 2013 the maximum income is € 21,025 (€ 28,550 together with your partner) and a wealth of maximum € 21,139 (€ 42,278 with your partner).
  • You and any other members of your household either are Dutch nationals or hold valid residence permits. If you have submitted an application for a residence permit to the IND, you will only qualify for the allowance if you have had a valid residence status in the past and also received the allowance at that time.

Be advised that the tax authorities look at the combination of the rent you pay compared to the income you earn. So although both rent and income are below the maximum amounts, it may still be possible that you don't get a rent allowance, especially if the amounts are close to the maximum amounts.
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