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The Netherlands strive to accelerate the automatic exchange of information between countries

The Dutch tax authorities aim to have the automated provision of information on the part of the Netherlands take place in the first half year following the year concerned as of 2013, as is evident from the response of State Secretary Weekers to questions on the part of Lower House members van Omtzigt (CDA) and Bashir (SP).

The automated exchange of fiscal information between the Netherlands and other countries takes place on the basis of bilateral agreements. It has been laid down in these agreements that the information will be provided automatically from both sides once a year by the proper authorities of the tax authorities concerned. The Dutch tax authorities generally provide the data in the last quarter of the year following the fiscal year concerned. The tax authorities aim to have the automated provision of information on the part of the Netherlands take place in the first half year of the year concerned starting from the year 2013. The partner countries that also speed up the automated provision of information can therefore be serviced more quickly. Of course, the Netherlands will urge the other partner countries concerned to automatically provide the Netherlands with the information concerned earlier in the year.

As a result, the Dutch tax authorities will be able to dispose of information from abroad concerning the financial situation of the taxpayer more quickly, rendering it possible to take the information concerned into account in the initial audit of the tax return. Due to the increase in the digital provision of information to the tax authorities, one can expect an increase in the number of corrections and questions and so it is important to see to correct and complete tax returns.

Expatax will gladly be of service in this respect.
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