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Tax relief for a mortgage after emigration from the Netherlands


I am considering leaving the Netherlands permanently. I will continue to pay my mortgage personally from overseas and have a friend register with the gemeente as a person who will look after the property. Will I still be able to claim the tax relief on my mortgage if I continue in this way?

Tax relief for a mortgage is possible if the property is used as your main residence. If you leave the Netherlands the property will no longer be your main residence and you will lose the right to deduct the mortgage interest. 
House for sale
You can only continue to deduct the interest if the house is for sale and not being used by someone. It doesn‘t matter whether the property is rented out or somebody lives there for free. The tax authorities will check the municipality register to see if somebody is living there and will ask you for proof if you claim that the property is out for sale. This means that in your case you would lose the tax relief when you leave the Netherlands. 
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