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Tax on savings and investments - end of 30% ruling - leaving the Netherlands


I have worked in the Netherlands with 30% ruling for 2 years. I have earned certain savings which were not taxed due to the 30% ruling. However, currently I am intending to leave the Netherlands. I understand that since my employement will be terminated, I will automatically lose the 30% rule. If I transfer my savings to my new residence country before 1 January 2014, will they not be taxed? How long do I actually have to transfer my savings to avoid paying tax on it? Thanks for your answer!
If your employment ends the 30% ruling indeed also ends. It can be reinstated when you find a new job again and for this job you satisfy the conditions of the 30% ruling. 
When you leave the Netherlands you do not have to declare your savings and investments anymore unless it concerns a property. It may be that based on the applicable tax treaty the Netherlands has the right to withhold tax at source if interest or dividend is paid to you from your savings and investments in the Netherlands. However, the Netherlands do not have a withholding tax for interest, only for dividend. If you transfer your savings and investments to your country of residence you stop paying tax in the Netherlands. 
So if you leave the Netherlands just after your employment ends you may not have to declare your savings and investments at all, especially not if you take them with you. If you stay in the Netherlands for a certain period after your employment and the 30% ruling ends you may have to pay tax on your savings and investments, but only for the period you don‘t have the 30% ruling. 
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