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Selling online - where is my business based?


I am British and I was selling on Amazon when I lived in the UK. I have just started living in Netherlands but I want to keep selling on Amazon UK using there Primetime service (I send the articles to them in the UK and they post them out). I work from my Dutch home uploading my articles on Amazon. Where is my business based and do declare tax to the UK or Netherlands?


You are running your business from the Netherlands since that is where you live and where you are marketing your business etc. Your home address is treated as your business address. It could only be different if you would run your business through a physical presence (in your name) in the UK. In principle, a business is based where the management is based. If you live in the Netherlands it is assumed that you also manage your business from the Netherlands unless you proof otherwise. That means that your income is also taxed in the Netherlands. Irrelevant is where you sell online or where you maintain a webshop. Servers can be everywhere. 

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