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Request for a "voorlopige teruggaaf" filed by mistake

Dear sir or madam, while trying to file myself a tax return for 2012, I filed by mistake a request for a provisional assesment for the year 2012 (2 weeks ago). I also submitted with the help of a tax return consultant a good tax return for 2012 with the M form. Now I received a letter from the belastingdienst asking me for my account number in order to proceed with the provisional assesment for 2012. I realized that I should not have used the program I used since I moved in the Netherlands in 2012. Should I send a letter to the tax service in order to normalize the situation? Will they just ignore my request since its for 2012? Do you provide those services?

You mention that you filed a request for a provisional assessment for 2012. This seems strange since a request for a provisional assessment can only be filed for the current year, so for 2013. A request for 2012 can‘t be filed since that year already ended. Instead the applicable tax return must be filed. The tax authorities should indeed ignore the request.

The M form must be filed on paper and can‘t be filed electronically.

The tax authorities will have received something they can process since they have sent you a request to provide your bank account number. You will have to provide the account number any way to receive the refund based on the M form which was filed for you.

If you did file a request for a provisional assessment you can cancel it again by filing another request showing a nil result. But you can wait with this till you receive a tax assessment from the tax authorities. You can also file a letter of objection once you received the tax assessment.

Check the correspondence which you receive(d) from the tax authorities thoroughly.

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