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Permanent residence permit and naturalisation


I have been living in the Netherlands since April 2007. I switched jobs in May 2008 and had a gap in between of 1 year. I applied for a permanent residence permit recently but technically I have not been continuously employed for the total 5 years (missing by a few months now). Is there a chance of rejection of my pr application for this reason?

Also, I applied for naturalisation in January. Can I stay here even though I lose my job until a decision is taken on either the pr or the naturalisation?

My employer is negotiating to make me redundant, so your response will kind of help me take a decision on the kind of package I negotiate with him.


For the application of the permanent residence permit it is relevant that you have been resident in the Netherlands for a continious period of 5 years. You don
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Comment by prithvi on Mon, Mar 25th, 2013 at 2:50 PM
dear arjan,thanks a lot for the information. it was quite helpful.prithvi
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